So friends,

This is podcast page. The podcast is divided in two parts, part 1 is for beginners. and Part 2 is for the advance users.
All the podcast are in hindi or English
Each question is followed by audio podcast or article, so choose appropriate link.

Beginner’s questions

1. How to use granularity and edit the text?

Ans: this podcast introduce you how to use granularity and text editing in Whats App and Message.
Podcast by: Amar, on 14th march 2015.
Download Granularity, text editing
Play now: granularity and text editing

2. How to enable/disable TalkBack and navigate

by Tejas Bendre, Pune[Maharashtra on 26th April 2015]
Hey friends,
In this podcast Tejas will tell you,
How to enable / disable talkback?
how to navigate android phones with help of talkback?
Download: how to Enable / disable TalkBack
Play now:How to Enable / Disable TalkBack.

Software podcast

1. @ Voice Aloude Reader part 1-hindi

by Amar Dandale on 25th march 2015
this podcast includes,
1. how to control tts setting[peech, rate, volume, change voices..]
2. How to read the document?
Download @ Voice Aloud Reader part 1- hindi
Play now:@voice aloud reader part 1

2. @ Voice Aloud Reader part 2-hindi

by Amar Dandale on 25th march 2015
this podcast includes,
1. Editing the text from webpage[copy, edit, pest]
2. Explore setting in detail.
3. How to convert text fiile into audio.
Download @ Voice Aloud Reader part 2-hindi
Play now:@voice aloud reader part 2

3. Google Hindi Input-hindi

by Nishant Shah[Pune] on 5th April 2015
Hey friends,
stop thinking how to type in Devnagri/Hindi script. Here is the solution with podcast.
Nishant will tell you how to use Google Hindi input.
Download Google Hindi Input podcast
Play now: Google Hindi Input

4. Cam Find Visual Search Engine-Hindi

by Labhendra Mhatre, Mumbai, on 21st april 2015
Hey friends,
here you are, Cam Find!!!
see through the eyes of the camera, you can able to recognize object, identify color.
Read the title of visiting card, barcode, check the color of your dress and much more...
just have a look.
Download: Camp Find
Play now: Camp Find

5. Indian Rail-Hindi

By Nishant Shah, on 6th may 2015
Hi friends,
Nishant will tell you, About “Indian Rail”,
This podcast includes,
How to check,
Train Schedule, Seat Availability,
PNR Status, Fare Enquiry,
Find trains, Traine live status etc.
Download:Indian Rail
Play Now:Indian Rail

6. Aqua mail part1-Hindi

by Nishant Shah, on 18th May 2015
in this parte Nishant will teach us
How to configure email account and
Settings. Download: Aqua Mail part1
Play now:Aqua mail part1

7. Aqua Mail part2-Hindi

by Nishant Shah on 18th May 2015
In this part Nishant will teach us,
How to navigate between the folders:
1. Inbox,
2. Drafts,
3. Send items And
4. deleted items.
Also we will learn
How to compose mail in Aqua mail and etc.
Download: Aqua mail part2
Play now:Aqua mail part2

8. Shine plus-hindi

By Tejas Bendre, Pune on 10th june 2015

Tejas want to tell you,
About Shine plus [screen reader],
This podcast includes,
Introduction to shine plus,
Explore the setting
Detail explanation of command panel
Different jesters
How to add short cut and label the buttons?
Download: Shine Plus
Play now:Shine Plus

9. Auto TTS

Podcaster Name: Mohmad Shahid
Uploaded on: 17th july 2016
File Size:24 MB
File Type: MP3
You listen ebooks, websites in different languages and switching text-to-speech (TTS) engines makes you bored.
- You are blind or vision-impaired user and use TalkBack to interact with your devices. Switching TTS engines every time when arriving on ebooks/websites/applications in differrent language is too difficult for you.
- You are developing multilingual application and confused about managing TTS engines with their supported languages.
Auto TTS can help you!
Auto TTS has special switching mechanism with state-of-the-art auto language detection feature and helps switching to appropriate TTS engine according to auto-detected language of input text.
Auto TTS is fully compatible to standard Android Text To Speech Interface and can work with TalkBack, other TTS engines, web readers, eBook readers... without any problem. Play now: Auto TTS

10. Playstore

Podcaster Name: Labhendra Mhatre
Uploaded on: 17th july 2016
File Size: 23.40 MB
File Type: MP3
Google Play, which was originally born and referred to by Google as the Android Market, is Google's official store and portal for Android apps, games and other content for your Android-powered phone, tablet or Android TV device.
Just as Apple has its App Store, Google has the Google Play Store.
It's a huge place and it offers a lot of content to its users.
Play now: Playstore

AndroZip File Manager

Note:Wait friend coming soon

Games Podcast

1. Accessible Memory trial-Hindi

by Bhavya shah, on 24th may 2015
Everyone wants to have a good memory. This application helps you to improve yours by searching for the pairs of cards.
Choose how many cards you would like to play with and the type of pairs.
Download: Accessible Memory
Play now:Accessible Memory

2. Audio Game Hub-Hindi

Podcaster Name: Labhendra Mhatre
Uploaded on: 16th june 2016
File Size: 25 MB
File type: MP3
Audio Game Hub is a set of eight experimental arcade videogames that use audio as their primary interface – making them accessible for both sighted and non-sighted users.
Dive into a rich world of sounds and experience the unique collection of mini audio games. Close your eyes and let your imagination flow.
Play in the casino, attend the medieval archery contest, escape the dark labyrinth, fight the finest samurai warriors and improve your memory at the animal farm. Play it on your smartphone or tablet.
Play now:Audio Game Hub

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